How to hide number of likes on Instagram


We can use a software to make this happen. There are a lot of these programs online, but the one we recommend is Hidemylikes. This program will let you delete all likes on your instagram account and make it so that you can't see them either.

This article is focused on how to hide the number of likes on Instagram. It does not matter whether you want to keep your numbers hidden or just want to erase them, there are many ways that one can do that as long as they have at least an Instagram account.

Many people choose to hide their number of likes because they don't want others to know how popular they are and how much admiration they receive from the people who follow them on Instagram.

We are now in the era of social media, and to keep up with the competition, we need to take advantage of every feature. The likes on Instagram are something that plays a vital role in deciding if people like your posts or not. Hence, if you want to increase your popularity on Instagram, then you need to know how to hide likes on Instagram 2021.

How do I hide likes on Instagram 2021?

To hide likes on Instagram, you need to follow certain steps:

1) Open “Instagram” app

2) Go to “profile” by clicking the top right corner

3) Click the downwards arrow next to "likes" and select “hide."

How to remove a like on instagram

You can't remove a like on Instagram. This is because Instagram doesn't store any information about who liked your post, but instead records the time it was liked.

How to clear likes on instagram?

We can clear likes on Instagram by following these steps:

- Locate the “Clear Likes” option in the upper right corner of your profile.

- You will see a small trash can icon with a red line through it. Tap this icon to clear your likes.

- Tap “Clear Likes” again to confirm that you want to delete your likes from your profile.